Passionate about the meat industry?  We are always looking for the industry's best to join our team.  Most of the positions offers projects that are fungible and can be done from anywhere in the world.   If you want to join our team or contribute findings, send your information to: research@ecomeatstandard.com

The Institute for Ecological meat was established in January 2016 as a nonprofit organization with the purpose to manage, verify, research,improve and promote The Ecological Meat Standard as an unbiased third party entity to improve the meat industry.

Our Mission

We exist to catalyze a shift in the meat industry towards a responsible agriculture that results in healthy meat for the consumer.  It is our task to research verify and uphold farming operations while providing the public with the knowledge and tools they need to make better food choices.


We Believe...


The Institute for Ecological meat is a mission-driven nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing clarity and transparency to the meat industry.  We research and develop the best farming practices for raising meat that is ecologically responsible for the environment, for the animal and for public health. We utilize powerful tools such as the Ecological Meat Standard to verify farming operations and promote practices that result in meat with fewer carcinogens and more nutrient density for consumers.  We educate the public to make better choices for their health and for the environment and give them resources to access responsible farmers across the country who we admire and uphold. 


The Organization - Who We Are 

- We can lower carcinogens and develop nutrient density by improving food production methods.


- Farmers deserve the freedom to transparently produce food for their families and the public without outside interference.


- Everyone deserves to know where their food came from and the process in which it was raised and processed.


- If animals are going to live and die for us, they should live a good life and be calm and unaware of their own death.


- Proper management of animals is a key component in regenerating soils in the land and sequestering the carbon in the air.

- Nature has the genetic diversity we need to feed the planet.  It is not necessary to manipulate nature. It is necessary to understand nature and partner with it to create little Edens across the earth. 



What We Do - 3 Major Activities

The institute is focused on three major activities: 

1.) Data Research and Collection

The collection and research of data, concerning the farming practices of raising meat, allow us to determine which farming methods have the most positive (or best) impact on the environment and the health & happiness of the animal. From here we can ensure these farming methods result in meat with lower carcinogens and higher nutrient density through a lab processed meat assessment.


2.) Operation Verification

Through the verification of farming operations, we can empower farmers to better communicate their meat quality to the public to catalyze an industry shift towards responsible agriculture. 


 3.) Educating the Public

Providing the public with findings and powerful tools to make healthy purchase decisions for themselves and their family.