Steps to Verification

FAQ's About Verification


The first step is to begin your application on our "get verified" page. 

We will collect basic information about your farm or partnering farmer(s) and the animal(s) you wish to verify.  


A technical administrator will be assigned to help gather and verify your information and the way you raise meat.

The institute provides your technical administrator free of charge to help answer any questions along the way to expedite the process and help you complete your comprehensive application before submitting it for approval.


Sign and submit your final application for approval to the Institute for Ecological Meat. 

At this point the department head will either issue a certificate of compliance and award a grade for your meat or it will be bounced back to the technical administrator to acquire more information and in some cases schedule an onsite visit to the farm or processing facility for further inspection.


Success!  The process is complete and you have received a grade.  This will officially be your verification inauguration and renewal date from which you will receive an updated verification mark and submit dues to the non-profit. (Dues are small and slide according to your farms production for that year.)


Now that you are verified, you will be sent your verification mark.  From there you and your associated distributers and retailers can start branding your meat packaging.   We will also connect you with our marketing team who will help you promote your products on your website and social media. 

Why should I get my product Verified under the new Standard?
With every passing year, it becomes more and more evident that the public trust for the general meat industry is declining.   With growing consumer education words like “all natural” no longer satisfy people seeking to secure real, responsible, healthy meat for their families.  Everyone has a concern from GMO’s, to humane treatment, to animal diet.  With this new standard, almost all of the major concerns are addressed.   The ecological meat standard seal gives consumers the assurance that a product has completed a comprehensive third-party verification through the 5 critical components of raising meat.

How much will it cost to get verified and graded?

Our purpose is not to make money.  Our purpose is to change the industry to support and promote responsible farmers like you.  There is no fee to verify your meat. A technical administrator will be assigned to help you through the process free of charge.  After you meat is graded you do have the option to label your meat as verified for $.01 per package.

How long will it take to get verified?

On average, the process takes 1-2 months.  This is dependent on the size of the operation, and the availability of information ready for the technical administrator.

When and where can I use the Ecological Meat Standard seal?

We will send you your EMS seal and digital files after you complete the verification process and we have received signatures from both the director of your farm and the department head of the Institute of Ecological Meat.

Do I need to be Organic Certified or NON-GMO verified if I want a green status for my feed?

It is helpful if you have these as it will help us process your application much faster but it is not required. We will however need to see extensive purchase invoices or future feed contracts which can be later verified confirming feed.  All pasture and supplemental straw will need to either be tested annually for genetic contamination if you are attempting to hold yellow or green states for feed.

I am already certified organic, is it really necessary to receive an EMS grade as well?

Nothing is necessary, not even your original organic certification.  Its a matter of value you are offering to the public.  When one flock of organic chicken is raised in a factory house and one is pastured, how will the customer know the difference?  The purpose is to offer consumers a comprehensive guide as to why your product is better than anything else on the market.   Being verified under the EMS is another deposit into the trust account of the consumer as they see your transparency and accountability.

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