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Takenoko Farms Pastured Pork

This farm has been awarded a EMS GRADE 8 certificate valid through 30 JUNE 2018.

LIVESTOCK PRODUCTION (Technical Administrator Notes)

GENETICS: 2 Points Awarded (Green)

Mixed breed: Red Wattle, Large Black and Gloucestershire Old Spots. Breeds have slower growth rates and are able to survive and breed in the wild without human interference.



LIFESTYLE: 2 Points Awarded (Green)

Rotational pasture lifestyle rotated weekly on track system.  The "track" runs from the front to back of property and accesses all shelters, feed and water

NUTRITION: 0 Point Awarded (Red)

Nutrition is above conventional hog operations and includes many whole foods.  Feed includes produce leftovers, distiller grains and organic tempeh (soy). The small rotational nature of this operation allows the pigs to forage and be free of vaccines, hormones and antibiotics.

DEPARTURE: 2 Points Awarded (Green)

Usually on farm kill/processing facility.  Animal is completely unaware of impending death and give no calls of discomfort or stress.

POST PROCESSING: 2 Points Awarded (Green)

Mild cleaning agents used in processing facility.  (This facility is under further review.) Pigs are air dry aged before butchering.

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