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Mendocino Meats Pastured Pork

This farm has been awarded a EMS GRADE 8 certificate valid through 22 MARCH 2018.

LIVESTOCK PRODUCTION (Technical Administrator Notes)

GENETICS: 2 Points Awarded (Green)

Mixed breed: Tamworth, Mulefoot, Red Wattle, Berkshire, Large Black, American Guinea Hog, and Eurasians.  Breeds have slower growth rates and are able to survive and breed in the wild without human interference.



LIFESTYLE: 2 Points Awarded (Green)

Rotational pasture lifestyle rotated monthly (irrigated pasture). Pigs may experience temporary stay in hoop barn with 1/2 acre access during winter rainy season.

NUTRITION: 1 Point Awarded (Yellow)

Non-GMO diet from a variety of sources.  Feed includes hemp seed meal/chia seed/flax/coconut, spent grains and dairy waste from a collection of feed suppliers, brewing companies, and dairies. 

Pigs receive vaccination Farrowsure Gold B to protect against 6 strains of Leptospirosis. Medications not administered unless life threatening emergency.

DEPARTURE: 1 Point Awarded (Yellow)

Short low stress transport to registered USDA slaughter facility in Northern California. Electric stun used before slaughter and processing.

POST PROCESSING: 2 Points Awarded (Green)

Mild cleaning agents used in processing facility.  (This facility is under further review.) Pigs are air dry aged before butchering.

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