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Napa Grass Farmer Pasture Ranger

This poultry operation has been awarded an EMS GRADE 9, certificate valid through 30 MAY 2018.

LIVESTOCK PRODUCTION (Technical Administrator Notes)

GENETICS: 2 Points Awarded (Green)

Freedom Ranger.  This breed has a slower, healthier growth rate than conventional birds and is able to survive and breed in the wild without human assistance.



LIFESTYLE: 2 Points Awarded (Green)

These birds have a rotational pasture lifestyle. They are rotated daily on pasture using open air pasture coops.

NUTRITION: 2 Point Awarded (Green)

Organic Certified feed from Modesto Millings. This feed is ecologically appropriate to supplement the diet of pastured chickens with nutrients found in the chickens' wild diet.  
Feed: Soy Free Chick Starter/Grower 24% protein.

DEPARTURE: 1 Point Awarded (Yellow)

Short transport of 20 minutes to registered USDA slaughter facility in California. Electric stun used before slaughter and processing.

POST PROCESSING: 2 Points Awarded (Green)

Birds are air chilled post processing and vacuum sealed. Mild cleaning agents used in processing facility.  (This facility is under further review.)

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